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Why Cox's Bazar

Why visit to cox's bazar ---

Miles of golden sand, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood - Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. The world's longest (120 km.) After gently sloping down to the blue waters of the bay beach, Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist game.

Well worth, some very old wooden Buddhist temple in Ramu, a few kilometers from Cox's Bazar to go.

152 km. Chittagong, Bangladesh's main port, south of Cox's Bazar to Dhaka and Chittagong as air and is connected by road.

South side, Bangladesh, Teknaf, driving an unforgettable trip to the continent. Sonadia of Cox or really interesting that the mouth of the Bay of Bengal islands nestled in the gentle waves, a day trip.

Conch another attraction for visitors to the market, tribal handicraft, salt and shrimp farming.

The longest beach, Cox's Bazar and its surroundings also tourists traveling to see many things and places.

Himchari: It is about 32 km. South beach in Cox's Bazar, a great place to picnic and shooting. The famous "Broken Hills" and waterfalls are rare place.

Inani: It is about 32 km. And just west of the steep hills to the east and south, with background on the beach Cox's Bazar. Inani dream world that will move casts magic. This is only a half hour drive from Cox and sea bathing and ideal for picnics.

Mahisakhola: an island off the coast of Cox's Bazar. It is 268 square kilometers. And the line between the low mountains along the east coast of the island in rises to a range of 300 feet; But in a lowlying is surrounded by evergreen forests west and north coast. Coast hill temple dedicated to Adinath is intended. Buddhist pagoda beside him on the mountain.

Ramu: This is a typical Buddhist village, about 16 km. Cox's Bazar, Chittagong highway. Jeweled pagoda containing Buddha images Mathematics, khiyamra and gold, bronze and other metals inilaid.

The temple is situated on the river is one of the most attractive Baghkhali. Interesting ruins and a large bronze statue of Buddha Burmes crafts, but two-meter-high pedestal measuring thirteen feet high and rests not only at home. This is a very delicate and refined carving Khyang.

The village has a charm of its own. Workshops for businesses to move like a home weavers and artisans of handmade cigars are open to the pagoda.

Sonadia Island: The Rangpur about seven kilometers is about nine square kilometers. Sandy beach in the western part of the island and are available in a variety of shells. Window glass oyster beds outside the northern part of the island,. In the winter to dry their catch of fish in the sea and the island of fishermen set up a temporary camp.

Saint Martin Island: This small coral island south coconut trees and bountiful marine life, beaches are decorated with mainland about 10 km (6mi) top the southwest, is a tropical cliché. Even without mosquito "is nothing but enthusiastic it''sa clean and quiet place for more than absorbs the rays to unsettle.

About 5 sq km (2 sq mi) to measure the flow of only eight square kilometers (three square miles) in one day possible steps to walk around the island. Most of the 5,500 islanders live mainly on fishing, and areas around October and April fisher of men floating in the wholesale market to bring their catch to the island. A ferry leaves Teknaf day St Martin and takes about three hours.

Getting to the three-step program, St. Martin. First you''ll ticket or markets Cox "remain down, and then be able to catch the bus at the very top, which Myanmar and Teknaf, sitting against. Teknar ferries run daily to St. Martin Island. Island 510 kilometers (316mi) from Dhaka is the total distance.

Aggameda Khyang, Cox's Bazar:

Town Cox's Bazar is situated at the foot of the hill near the entrance, the plan, elevation and under dense foliage at the stand of trees as rich decoration, Khyang Aggameda is. Prayer room and a large bronze Buddha with a series of small shops round columns of wood offering conference room, in addition to the main sanctuary cum monastery, especially in Burma and origin-- album is used by some ancient manuscripts.

Khyang South and wood and corrugated metal in the way of a small brick house is a wooden gazebo beyond. Besides the inscription at the entrance and Burmese temple is a big coat and bronze Buddha images.

Teknaf: NAF River and just south of Bangladesh, Teknaf region at the end of the mountain is located. Myanmar is situated on the opposite side of the river NAF. Wild animals and birds are, but the most interesting thing on the river on the road. Wide sandy beaches, charming views of high mountain green forest in the background, never forget.

Holiday complex Cox Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, the State Tourism Agency, a number of features for the audience is a perfect tourist destination.
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